Qasidah Bushra Lana-بشرى لنا

Tercari-cari dekat internet translation qasidah ni dalam english.
Jumpa, dan saja bubuh kat sini. Kongsi kalau sahabat lain nak juga. Peace!

بشرى لنا نلنا المنى
زال العنى وافى الهنا
والدهر أنجز وعدنا
والبشر أضحى معلنا

يا نفس طيبي بالاقا
وعين قري أعونا
هذا جنال المصطفى
أناره لاحت لنا

يا طيبة ماذا نقول
وفيك قد حل الرسول
وكلنا نرجو الوصول
لمحمد نبينا

يا روضة الهادي الشفيع
وصاحبيه والبقيع
اكتب لنا نحن الجميع
زيارة انبينا

حيث الأماني روضها
قد ظل حلو المجتنى
وبالحبيب المصطفى
صفا وطاب عيشنا

صل وسلم يا سلام
عاى النبي بدر التمام
والآل والصحب الكرام
صلى عليهم ربنا

Bushra lana - Glad tidings
Traditional qasida

Glad tidings for us, we have attained our highest wish
troubles have ceased, and well-being has come.
Destiny (or: history) has delivered what was promised,
and joy has become manifest everywhere.

O soul, enjoy the pleasaure in the meeting
O eye, feel comfort
This is the beauty of the Chosen one
His lights shine over us.

O blessed earth - we have no words -
in which the Messenger rests!
We all wish to be united
with Muhammad, our Prophet.

Oh garden (Rawda) of the Guide and Advocate
And his two companions, and al-Baqi3!
(O Lord) ordain for us all
that we may visit our Prophet.

After satisfying the longing
remains the sweetness of what was harvested
Thanks to the Beloved and Chosen One
our lives become good nad pure

Send blessings and peace, O Lord of Peace,
Upon the Prophet, the fullmoon of perfection
And upon his Noble Family and Companions
Send blessings over them, o our Lord.


p/s-ada beza sikit video yang atas dengan lirik kat bawah.